About the Artist

Krista is a creative abstract expressionist that resides in Dallas, TX with her husband Josh and two kids, Isaac and Willow. She discovered her love for art as a child and over the years it has grown to what you see here today. Even though Krista has no completed formal training, she credits her technique and knowledge through life experience and by surrounding herself with a community who pushes her to be better. 

More than anything else, Krista's desire is to bring beauty to this world, especially in the midst of the chaos we live in. She loves completely and without condition, and that same love is folded into her own art. You will see and experience joy, beauty, and simplicity in all her pieces. Krista's body of work is done with the use of palette knives and various acrylic mediums to bring you the highest quality of fine art. 

If you would like to chat further about how we can make the world beautiful through a personal commissioning or an event, please fill out the form provided below. I look forward to collaborating with you!

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